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Here at Jet Flo Pro, we work directly with local estate agents to give their properties that extra edge in an ever-competitive housing market

First impressions count

Ensure your rental and sales properties are looking their best.

With the housing market currently booming, Jet Flo Pro works with Estate Agents to give their properties that competitive edge. Providing exterior cleaning to all areas of a property, we transform a house into a home.

Long gone are the days of overgrown weeds, mouldy window frames and bacteria infested walls, Jet Flo Pro ensures your property makes the best impression from initial viewing to handing over the keys. Plus, by enlisting the help of exterior cleaning specialists, we are armed with the attention to detail needed to address and resolve any additional exterior snags that could be pointed out by potential buyers.

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Based in Brackley and covering a 30 mile radius.

Jet Flo Pro covers Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire. So, whether you’re based in Brackley, Banbury, Bicester, Towcester or any surrounding villages, Jet Flo Pro has you covered.

How we clean and the science behind it

We’ve seen the damage that can be caused when the wrong chemicals or techniques are applied to sensitive surfaces. We therefore ensure that each of our services are specially tailored to ensure your surfaces remain safe and undamaged throughout the cleaning process.

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Visible results

Don’t take our word for it – for a service you can count on and instant visible results, check out some of our finest work with your own eyes!

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