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Professional pressure washing – A guide

Professional pressure washing is becoming an incredibly popular solution to keep home exteriors looking their best for longer. Although it’s possible to purchase power washing equipment to use yourself, it’s always better to hire the services of a professional company. This is because professionals have the necessary equipment, skills and techniques to ensure the job is done properly without causing any accidental damage.

Although pressure washing is a very effective way to carry out patio cleaning, driveway cleaning and brick cleaning among other things, it is all-too-easy to make mistakes and to use the incorrect methods. This can lead to damage which can be expensive to rectify.

So, if you want to improve the appearance of your driveway, patio or brickwork, here is our guide to professional pressure washing.

What is pressure washing?

This is a highly effective way to clean outdoor spaces which uses a combination of a pressure washer and water to blast the grime away from the surface. This technique is able to remove all kinds of dirt and debris including chewing gum, algae and lichen among other things.

It’s a simpler and faster option that scrubbing with a brush since a narrow nozzle is used to direct a pressurised spray of water onto the precise areas required.

Where can pressure washers be used?

A pressure washer can be used on many different surfaces including patios, ramps, paths, driveways and pool surrounds so that these areas can be attractive and as enjoyable as possible to use. It can also be used for cleaning a property’s external parts too including conservatories, render, soffits, fascias and roofs, helping to improve the building’s overall aesthetic.

Do different pressure washing techniques exist?

It’s very important to be aware that there isn’t a single technique when using a pressure washer that will suit every surface. It’s vital to change the method you use to suit the delicacy of the surface and the amount of dirt that needs to be washed away.

As an example, if a roof is being cleaned, a more gentle pressure is required so that no damage will be caused to the materials. On the other hand, if driveway or patio cleaning is being carried out, the stubborn stains and grime that can build up will require a more concentrated effort, and may even need both steam cleaning and power washing to be applied to achieve the desired effect.

Why use a professional pressure washing company?

More homeowners today have invested in their own pressure washing kit. However, nothing can beat the service of a professional company. If you hire an expert team like Jet Flo Pro in Brackley, you can be confident that they’ll be using only the best industrial machinery and equipment to produce a far better result than you could ever achieve by yourself.

Our team have also received specialist training so they have a clear understanding of the best techniques to use to remove dirt from surfaces speedily and efficiently without causing any damage to the surface. DIY power washing can cause damage if you fail to use the appropriate technique to suit the surface you’re cleaning. Also, a lot of water can be wasted when trying to get rid of grime yourself, and this is far less friendly for the environment.

If you need a professional pressure washing company to clean your home’s exterior surfaces, look no further than Jet Flo Pro. We operate within a 30 mile radius of Brackley, Northamptonshire including Buckingham, Buckinghamshire, Banbury in Oxfordshire, Bicester in Oxfordshire and Towcester in Northants. Don’t hesitate to give us a call today.

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