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Professional solar panel cleaning in Milton Keynes and throughout Buckinghamshire

As we become a more eco conscious society more homes and businesses and installing solar panels in order to save money on their electricity bills and do more for the environment. Solar panel cleaning is an important part of solar panel maintenance Here at Jet Flo Pro we offer residential and commercial solar panel cleaning in Milton Keynes, suited to your needs.

How does solar panel cleaning help me?

Did you know that those who have their solar panels cleaned every 6-12 months have up to 25% better efficiency from their solar panels? This is because solar panels work by absorbing light through the surface of the panel, the cleaner and clearer the surface of the panel the more light can get through and therefore the more energy can be generated. A dirty solar panel works less effectively and becomes a less cost-effective way of generating energy.

But my solar panels get rained on?

Think of your car window screen after it has been raining. Is It clear and clean or is it watermarked and murky? As rainwater evaporates it leaves behind a film of dust and dirt and water marks and so rainwater alone is not effective in keeping your solar panels clean. Just as we wash our window screens and our windows of our houses, we should also wash our solar panels to keep them in great working order.

What does the process of cleaning solar panels involve?

The solar panels on your residential or commercial roofs require a gentle method of cleaning, much like that of window cleaning in that a detergent is added to water, and this is used to wipe down the area before it is buffed with a soft cloth of squeegee. This cuts through dirt and grime and leaves the panels streak free.
Roofs can be hard to access but our team at Jet Flo Pro have all the equipment needed to access your solar panels for cleaning without needing to touch the roof. We utilise cherry pickers and scaffolding and our PASMA and iPAF qualified workers know just how to access the solar panels in the best way for your building.

Does it cost a lot to get my solar panels cleaned?

We offer competitive pricing for our solar panel cleaning, and we quote on a case-by-case basis taking into account a number of variables. Generally, the larger the solar panels the more the cleaning will cost, and the cost will also be affected by how accessible the roof is and what is needed to reach the panels.
Solar panel cleaning Milton Keynes MK

Why choose Jet Flo Pro for solar panel cleaning in Milton Keynes?

If your home or business is located in Milton Keynes or the MK postal area, make Jet Flo Pro your first choice for professional Solar Panel Cleaning.

We offer a great service run by passionate and dedicated staff who are fully trained and knowledgeable on all aspects of solar panel cleaning. We believe in helping you get the most from your solar panels with the best possible experience.

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