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Professional solar panel cleaning for Oxford and across Oxfordshire

Solar panels have become a common sight in Oxford and their promise of saving us money and helping the environment make them a very attractive addition to our houses or our commercial buildings. What a lot of people don’t realise is that solar panels do require cleaning. Here at Jet Flo Pro, we specialise in all aspects of solar panel maintenance. If your home or business is located in Oxford or the OX postal area, make Jet Flo Pro your first choice for professional Solar Panel Cleaning.

Will Cleaning My Solar Panels Save Me Money?

The simple answer to this is yes, although the specifics are a little more complicated. Solar panels work by taking in sunlight. The more sunlight they take in the more energy they create. If your solar panels are covered in a layer of dirt, dust, or grime then their efficiency will be reduced, and you’ll be getting as much as 25% less energy from them. Having your solar panels cleaned every 6 – 12 months helps keep them running at their best.

Why Doesn’t Rain Clean My Solar Panels?

It is easy to presume that, with the amount of rainfall our country sees, that solar panels would get a good rinsing from rainfall. This is not the case; rain can wash away larger particles of dirt, but it is not pure water and can leave a dirty and dusty film on the surface – in the same way that our car window screens need screen wash to clean the windows even if it has rained recently.

How Do You Clean Solar Panels?

Solar panels require a delicate cleaning touch, more in line with that of window cleaning. Specific cleaning agents can be used to help break down the layers of dirt and grime and soft rags can be used to dry the surface after.
Our specially trained solar panel cleaners have iPAF and PASMA qualifications which mean that they can use cherry pickers or scaffolding to access the roof, and this allows them to clean the solar panels without the need to touch the roof at all.

Is it expensive to get my solar panels cleaned?

The cost of solar panel cleaning in Oxford is dependent on a number of factors. Small residential solar panels will be less costly than larger commercial buildings, but the price can also vary depending on how easy the building is to access and what equipment is needed to complete the job.

Why should I choose Jet Flo Pro for solar panel cleaning in Oxford?

Our solar panel cleaning in Oxford is a comprehensive service offering you advice and cleaning from trained professionals who know just what your solar panels need in order to operate to full efficiency. Our friendly reliable service will make cleaning your solar panels a stress-free experience.

Still have questions?

It can be difficult to understand all of the components of solar panel cleaning and whilst we’ve tried to answer as many queries as we can in the above information we are always here for a chat if you’d like to discuss a quote or if you have some other questions for us. We look forward to hearing from you!

Jet Flo Pro are based within a stone’s throw of Oxford and are happy to visit you for a no obligation solar panel cleaning quote. If your home or business property in located further afield throughout Oxfordshire please get in touch to arrange a quote.

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